Traditional Funeral and Sympathy Flowers from Burbank Flower Delivery

Traditional Funeral and Sympathy Flowers from Burbank Flower Delivery

Flowers at a funeral are a symbol for respect, love, sympathy and grief for the loss of a loved one. In recent times, an old tradition of placing fragrant funeral flowers on the casket on the deceased has reemerged. When you order funeral flowers from Burbank Flower Delivery, our compassionate and skilled florists go to work to ensure your blossoms perfectly express your sentiments.

Importance of Funeral and Sympathy Flowers


The tradition of flowers at a funeral is centered on human sentimentality. They act as conduits for our expressions when words fail us. In bringing sympathy flowers to the bereaved family, you express your support in that difficult situation.
Flowers are no longer just presented at the funeral. There’s a growing trend of sending flowers to the home of the deceased in a show of solidarity.


Funeral Flowers Arrangements

When you are choosing a funeral flower arrangement, you want to go for understated glamour. At Burbank flower delivery, we seek to freshly create breathtaking blossoms that will express your condolences. We offer clients traditional as well as unique funeral flower arrangements.


1. Funeral Baskets

Funeral baskets from Burbank flower delivery are specially designed to express your comfort and support for the bereaved. These elegant displays are made of your choice flowers and may feature red roses, red carnations and delphinium.


2. Standing Sprays

Standing sprays are funeral and sympathy flowers presented on an easel. They are typically used at graveside services and sent directly to the funeral home. Our florist hand pick and design your standing sprays incorporating blossoms selected by you.


3. Wreaths, Crosses and Hearts

These are a classic and traditional funeral tribute. With flower delivery Burbank, you get an extensive catalog of wreaths that will help you show your sympathy at this troublesome time.


Common Funeral Flowers


1. Lilies

Lilies are commonly associated with funeral services as they signify innocence and purity. This strongly aromatic bloom makes for a perfect funeral flower as it could also symbolize transition to a new state. White are the most preferred lilies for funerals. Stargazers represent sympathy and are commonly sent to the bereaved family.


2. Roses

Traditionally, red roses are associated with romance and passionate but at a funeral, these roses represent love and grief. They evoke grief and reverence for the deceased. White roses evoke purity, reverence and innocence. Typically, the white roses are used for funeral services of deceased children. Pink roses are best for the casket sprays and standing arrangements. For close friends and acquaintances, fresh yellow roses from Burbank flower delivery are best.


3. Carnations

Carnations’ wide varieties of hues make them an attractive option for funeral flowers. This implies it is possible to send particular flowers for specific deaths of loved ones. Pink carnations are used for funeral services of mothers and grandparents while the white are for the passing of a young one. Florists at Burbank flower delivery guide you through the different carnations types.


4. Tulips and Daffodils

Tulips and daffodils are not your typical funeral flowers. These blooms are bright and colorful and may be considered out of sync with the event. However, these are a great bold statements of renewal and new beginnings. They express celebration of life at the service. When sent to the family, it is considered encouragement during that terrible moment.

Losing a loved one is one of life’s lowest moments. Flowers add warmth and beauty to an otherwise somber atmosphere. Here at Burbank flower delivery we understand that. Other than sending a heart-felt message and showing up, honor the life of that loved one with beautiful funeral Flowers Delivery Burbank.

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